Windsor Helps Tackle Hunger in Hartford

Windsor Marketing
Windsor Marketing

Since 1976, Suffield, Connecticut-based Windsor Marketing Group has been a leading provider of retail marketing services, specializing in leveraging consumer shopping trends to help retailers craft effective in-store campaigns. Committed to giving back to the local community, Windsor Marketing Group (WMG) partners with programs such as Foodshare in the fight against hunger.

WMG works with Foodshare to furnish print products, provide graphic design services, and rollout display products. In the past, the company has developed concepts and finished product signs for strategic placement in grocery stores in the greater Hartford area to recognize the stores participating in the Foodshare program.

Foodshare works with partners throughout Hartford to provide food and other needed products to those in need. Commenting on the partnership, WMG’s founder and CEO, Kevin Armata, underscored his company’s commitment to serving the local community through these types of strategic initiatives. He also referenced the Connecticut Food Association as the connect point where the two groups were first introduced to one another.


Suffield Emergency Aid Association Offers Aid to Homebound Persons

Suffield Emergency Aid Association  pic
Suffield Emergency Aid Association

A Suffield, Connecticut, retail market solutions provider founded in 1976, Windsor Marketing Group combines extensive knowledge of consumer shopping behavior with creative designs to develop innovative in-store marketing programs. Windsor Marketing Group also supports numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Suffield Emergency Aid Association. Among its many services, the Suffield Emergency Aid Association administers programs for homebound residents such as the Friendly Visitor and Friendly Shopper programs.

Both programs operate with a focus on promoting independence and improving quality of life for homebound residents, including elderly individuals and persons with disabilities. The program fosters the well-being of homebound residents who may feel isolated and be susceptible to loneliness, depression, or a sense of neglect. Furthermore, it helps seniors and disabled individuals lead more active lives. The program matches Suffield residents with responsible volunteers who offer friendship and companionship. Volunteers also accept requests for weekly or biweekly home visits and shopping trips.

Kevin Armata – Honorary Member of the Suffield Fireman’s Association

Kevin Armata; Principal and CEO of Windsor Marketing Group, has been elected as an honorary member of the Suffield Fireman’s Association.

Kevin, who is no stranger to donating his time to community service, is an active leader and board member of several trade and business associations. He is extremely active in executive education initiatives, industry roundtables, seminars, and family programs. He chairs the local police commission and is active with a task force focused on eliminating drugs and gang violence

Kevin is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Windsor Marketing Group (WMG) based in Suffield, Connecticut. WMG is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing in-store marketing programs for some of the nation’s leading retailers. Under Kevin’s leadership, WMG has been honored several times due to its commitment to social responsibility, including its green initiatives and strong support for the Town of Suffield and the State of Connecticut.

From Kevin’s election letter;

“Honorary membership may be conferred upon a person that has contributed to the Association or to the Suffield Fire Department in such a distinguishing manner as to warrant recognition for their actions. When a person is recommended for honorary membership, the Executive Committee of the Association first reviews the merits of the matter and must make a recommendation to the membership concerning whether the individual is an appropriate candidate for this honor. Our organization is most appreciative of the consistent and long-standing support you have shown over the years for both the Association and the Department.” Signed: Thomas J. McCabe, Jr., President – Suffield Fireman’s Association, Inc.


Windsor Marketing Group – 2013 CBIA Family Business Award

Windsor Marketing Group pic
Windsor Marketing Group

Windsor Marketing Group creates strategic partnerships with clients in order to help increase their profits through innovative in-store shopper marketing programs. Headquartered in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group has received multiple awards for its approach to business, including a 2013 Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) Family Business Award.

CEO of WMG, Kevin Armata, credits this award to his employee’s commitment to customer satisfaction and living up to WMG values. “It’s not easy to do what we do and my employees sacrifice a lot to make it happen; they are tough and dedicated to our success”

The CBIA Family Business Awards celebrates the achievements and successes of family businesses across Connecticut. A critical component of the state’s economy, family businesses offer significant benefits to the economy’s output that include providing jobs, improving quality of life, and contributing to local communities. CBIA representatives present the awards as part of the organization’s Family Business Program, which launched in 2012. The CBIA Family Business Program focuses on supporting the growth of the thousands of family-owned firms in Connecticut.

In addition to hosting the Family Business Awards, the CBIA serves as an advocate for the general business and industry community and promotes a globally competitive business climate.

Goals of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association

Connecticut Business and Industry Association pic
Connecticut Business and Industry Association

Founded in 1976, Windsor Marketing Group is an organization specialized in retail in-store marketing. Based in Suffield, Connecticut, Windsor Marketing Group uses innovative technologies and approaches to develop and implement marketing programs that encourage shoppers to buy more in the store. Its consistent efforts to operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner has paved the way to winning various accolades, including the Family Business Award presented by CBIA in the year 2012.

CBIA, or the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, is the largest consortium in Connecticut and comprises thousands of small and large companies from a diverse field of specializations. The primary mission of the association is to take a leading role in advocating for a conducive and globally competitive business environment in the state of Connecticut. Some of its specific goals include the following:

Create more jobs and opportunities for private-sector investment to uplift the economy of the state.
Develop and deliver programs to enhance academic performance and other skills to increase the knowledge and productivity of the workforce in the state.
Foster a stable and consistent energy policy that ensures increased efficiency and reduced energy cost.
Make a more environment-friendly policy that also safeguards economic growth.

Omnichannel Marketing and a Personalized Customer Experience

Omnichannel Marketing pic
Omnichannel Marketing

Windsor Marketing Group is a Suffield, Connecticut, firm that offers a full host of merchandising solutions aimed at helping clients succeed in increasingly competitive retail markets. Dedicated to customer success, Windsor Marketing Group offers a host of in-depth resources on marketing approaches.

A recent article focused on achieving success in the realm of omnichannel marketing. This begins with ensuring that both the physical store and the retailer’s website offer simple, effective navigation, with logical pathways to a sale in place. A particular challenge involves maintaining one-on-one buyer-seller relationships within a brick and mortar or an online landscape.

Online retailing has provided opportunities in this sphere, with companies able to intimately interact in ways that are both meaningful and optimize resource allocation. Through obtaining information from consumers at the point of sale or when creating an account, companies can pursue data-driven solutions. Whether this involves understanding spending patterns, buying preferences, or other attributes, offers and loyalty programs can be tailored to the individual. A true omnichannel experience replicates this intimate customer knowledge to provide a superior experience in store as well.

It is important to remember, however, that technology-driven strategies alone such as maintaining an up-to-date and well-managed database are insufficient to achieve meaningful customer relationships that drive long-term engagement and sales. Execution through superior merchandising and service make the customer knowledge come to life as an experiential differentiator.

Marketing to the Baby Boomer and Millennial Generations

Windsor Marketing
Windsor Marketing

In addition to designing store marketing, Windsor Marketing Group helps its clients create merchandising environments that attract customers. Windsor Marketing offers many services under one roof, from ideation to design to production. And our ideas are the result of store walks and important client discussions.

Knowing that different generations have different expectations, Windsor Marketing caters to age representation among customers and target consumers. For example, we pay close attention to differences between baby boomers and millennials. Boomers value attention and friendliness in their shopping environments, while millennials have a greater appreciation for convenience. Boomers value brand loyalty and the experience of shopping, while millennials are more interested in where and how their food was processed.

A good in-store marketing strategy appeals to boomers by focusing on quality, high-priced items. A good strategy brings in millennials by placing easily prepared, healthy foods near the checkout stations. Making shopping easier increases patronage by both generations. We know how to do both to maximize the effectiveness of your in-store marketing program.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, some boomers have embraced digital marketing elements, such as Internet coupons. Experts urge retailers to beef up their presence in social media and ensure that your digital effort ties well to your in-store marketing materials.