Kevin Armata – Honorary Member of the Suffield Fireman’s Association

Kevin Armata; Principal and CEO of Windsor Marketing Group, has been elected as an honorary member of the Suffield Fireman’s Association.

Kevin, who is no stranger to donating his time to community service, is an active leader and board member of several trade and business associations. He is extremely active in executive education initiatives, industry roundtables, seminars, and family programs. He chairs the local police commission and is active with a task force focused on eliminating drugs and gang violence

Kevin is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Windsor Marketing Group (WMG) based in Suffield, Connecticut. WMG is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing in-store marketing programs for some of the nation’s leading retailers. Under Kevin’s leadership, WMG has been honored several times due to its commitment to social responsibility, including its green initiatives and strong support for the Town of Suffield and the State of Connecticut.

From Kevin’s election letter;

“Honorary membership may be conferred upon a person that has contributed to the Association or to the Suffield Fire Department in such a distinguishing manner as to warrant recognition for their actions. When a person is recommended for honorary membership, the Executive Committee of the Association first reviews the merits of the matter and must make a recommendation to the membership concerning whether the individual is an appropriate candidate for this honor. Our organization is most appreciative of the consistent and long-standing support you have shown over the years for both the Association and the Department.” Signed: Thomas J. McCabe, Jr., President – Suffield Fireman’s Association, Inc.



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