Suffield Emergency Aid Association Offers Aid to Homebound Persons

Suffield Emergency Aid Association  pic
Suffield Emergency Aid Association

A Suffield, Connecticut, retail market solutions provider founded in 1976, Windsor Marketing Group combines extensive knowledge of consumer shopping behavior with creative designs to develop innovative in-store marketing programs. Windsor Marketing Group also supports numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Suffield Emergency Aid Association. Among its many services, the Suffield Emergency Aid Association administers programs for homebound residents such as the Friendly Visitor and Friendly Shopper programs.

Both programs operate with a focus on promoting independence and improving quality of life for homebound residents, including elderly individuals and persons with disabilities. The program fosters the well-being of homebound residents who may feel isolated and be susceptible to loneliness, depression, or a sense of neglect. Furthermore, it helps seniors and disabled individuals lead more active lives. The program matches Suffield residents with responsible volunteers who offer friendship and companionship. Volunteers also accept requests for weekly or biweekly home visits and shopping trips.


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