Windsor Helps Tackle Hunger in Hartford

Windsor Marketing
Windsor Marketing

Since 1976, Suffield, Connecticut-based Windsor Marketing Group has been a leading provider of retail marketing services, specializing in leveraging consumer shopping trends to help retailers craft effective in-store campaigns. Committed to giving back to the local community, Windsor Marketing Group (WMG) partners with programs such as Foodshare in the fight against hunger.

WMG works with Foodshare to furnish print products, provide graphic design services, and rollout display products. In the past, the company has developed concepts and finished product signs for strategic placement in grocery stores in the greater Hartford area to recognize the stores participating in the Foodshare program.

Foodshare works with partners throughout Hartford to provide food and other needed products to those in need. Commenting on the partnership, WMG’s founder and CEO, Kevin Armata, underscored his company’s commitment to serving the local community through these types of strategic initiatives. He also referenced the Connecticut Food Association as the connect point where the two groups were first introduced to one another.


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