Marketing to the Baby Boomer and Millennial Generations

Windsor Marketing
Windsor Marketing

In addition to designing store marketing, Windsor Marketing Group helps its clients create merchandising environments that attract customers. Windsor Marketing offers many services under one roof, from ideation to design to production. And our ideas are the result of store walks and important client discussions.

Knowing that different generations have different expectations, Windsor Marketing caters to age representation among customers and target consumers. For example, we pay close attention to differences between baby boomers and millennials. Boomers value attention and friendliness in their shopping environments, while millennials have a greater appreciation for convenience. Boomers value brand loyalty and the experience of shopping, while millennials are more interested in where and how their food was processed.

A good in-store marketing strategy appeals to boomers by focusing on quality, high-priced items. A good strategy brings in millennials by placing easily prepared, healthy foods near the checkout stations. Making shopping easier increases patronage by both generations. We know how to do both to maximize the effectiveness of your in-store marketing program.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, some boomers have embraced digital marketing elements, such as Internet coupons. Experts urge retailers to beef up their presence in social media and ensure that your digital effort ties well to your in-store marketing materials.